2024 Nike Kids Shoe Sizing Guide

March 27, 2024

Nike is making changes to its sizing ranges for kids size 7Y and under, which could potentially affect the prices of certain sizes. The adjustments aim to simplify the categories of Big Kids, Little Kids, and Toddler, as revealed in an internal document shared by @horhead_sales. However, this reorganization has led to the merging of smaller sizes into larger categories, potentially causing price increases for specific sizes.

In the newly structured system, Grade-School, Pre-School, and Toddler replace the previous Big Kids, Little Kids, and Toddler categories, respectively. Formerly, sizes 1Y-3Y were part of the Little Kids range but are now included in Grade School. Similarly, sizes 8C-10C, which were under Toddler, are now part of Pre-School.

These changes may impact customers who previously wore sizes 1Y-3Y or 8C-10C, as the pricing disparity between the different kids sizing categories can be significant. For instance, upcoming releases like the Jordan 4 “Military Blue” are priced at $160 for Big Kids, $100 for Little Kids, and $85 for Toddler, potentially leading to price spikes for certain sizes in future Nike shoe releases.

While it remains unclear if a new pricing structure will be implemented within the revised sizing categories, the possibility of a sliding scale pricing system appears unlikely. The exact timing for these changes to take effect is uncertain, but the internal document detailing the adjustments was shared in December 2023.

The information shared in this blog post sheds light on Nike’s forthcoming modifications to its kids sizing ranges and the potential implications for customers. Stay informed to ensure you are prepared for any changes that may impact your child’s footwear choices and budget.

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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