A Sugary Delight: Nesquik Collaboration with Nike SB Dunk Low

December 1, 2023

We are big fans of custom sneakers, especially ones that are inspired by delicious treats like the Ben & Jerry’s SB Dunk Low “Neapolitan” and the Red Velvet Cake Nike Air Force 1s. But one thing we hadn’t seen yet were sneakers inspired by sweet drinks. That is, until we came across the Nesquik 2.0 x Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers by designer @dope_don_designs.

These sneakers are based on two of the most-loved milk flavors in the world: strawberry and chocolate. The right sneaker represents the strawberry flavor, while the left sneaker represents the chocolate flavor. Despite the different flavors, most of the sneaker is the same, featuring shared Nesquik branding elements.

The sneakers have white laces that match the white leather wrapping around the ankle. The heel tabs on both sneakers have bright yellow Nike branding, matching the Nesquik container’s yellow, and leather paneling throughout. The light blue background of the heel tab matches the leather base of the upper, found on both the left and right sneakers.

Both sneakers also feature animated-like shading or shadow effects on the quarter and toe box, adding depth to the design. The Nesquik branding near the mudguard is a dark blue color, complementing the overall aesthetic.

On the strawberry side, the outsole, lace stays, and inner part of the Nike Swoosh are a light, bubblegum-like pink. The midsole and tongue are an even lighter cotton candy-like shade. The inner lining, Nike logo on the tongue label, and dripping border of the Nike Swoosh are a clear strawberry pink, resembling the Nesquik packaging.

On the chocolate side, the color scheme follows a similar pattern. The outsole, lace stays, and Nike Swoosh are a chocolate cake-like color, while the midsole and tongue are a lighter brown shade like buttercream icing. The inner lining and dripping border of the Nike Swoosh are a classic chocolate brown, similar to the Nesquik packaging.

While the pairing of Nesquik and sneakers may seem odd, food-inspired apparel has been gaining popularity. These Nesquik 2.0 x Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers might just be the next hit in the sneaker world.

So, would you wear these sneakers as a pair? If not, do you prefer the strawberry or chocolate-inspired Nesquik 2.0 x Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker?

Ethan Holland
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