adidas Introduces Groundbreaking X Crazyfast+ STRUNG Innovation

November 12, 2023

In a remarkable breakthrough in football technology, adidas has unveiled the X Crazyfast+ STRUNG. This groundbreaking boot innovation takes inspiration from the world of running and promises to redefine the soccer landscape with its unmatched upper technology.

Football is a sport that never slows down, both in the fast-paced action on the field and the constant advancements in performance technology. Adidas, a brand known for its innovation, has turned to its running heritage for inspiration. Just as Boost technology made its way into football, adidas introduces Strung, a technology that makes its debut in the soccer world through the X Crazyfast+ STRUNG.

Strung first appeared in the adidas Futurecraft Strung running shoes in October 2020. It is a revolutionary approach to crafting textile uppers that diverges from traditional weaving or knitting methods. Instead, Strung uses a composite of yarns that are precisely placed by advanced robotic machinery. This meticulous process results in a fabric that is flawlessly positioned without any wastage. The upper is made up of thousands of precision-engineered threads, creating a seamless and ultra-lightweight material that hugs the foot like never before. The placement of stronger red threads in areas such as the heel, midfoot, and toe-box ensures a snug fit and sturdy support, while softer yellow threads in the forefoot allow for greater flexibility.

This cutting-edge upper seamlessly incorporates with the X Crazyfast’s SPEEDFRAME and AEROPLATE technologies, enhancing dynamic movement and agility at top speed. The result is a pair of cleats that surpass current boot technologies in terms of precision and performance. However, the true test lies in trying them out on the field.

The X Crazyfast+ STRUNG has already generated significant buzz, with players like Federico Di Marco and Ferran Torres, along with numerous emerging talents across Europe, already sporting these boots.

You can find the X Crazyfast+ STRUNG available now on, or you can check out next week.

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Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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