Adidas Unveils Toni Kroos’ Upgraded Version of the adiPure 11pro Boot

October 24, 2023

Superstar athletes often change their signature boots, switching from one colorway to another. However, Toni Kroos has remained loyal to one specific boot throughout his career. In fact, you could argue that it has become his de facto signature boot. And now, in 2023, adidas has decided to remake the iconic adiPure 11pro, a boot that is synonymous with the talented German midfielder. This is exciting news for both Kroos fans and boot fanatics, as they now have the opportunity to get their hands on Kroos’ favorite silo.

The remake of the adiPure 11pro offers a stunning design, featuring a combination of white upper, black stripes, blue laces, and a blue heel. The 11pro heel branding is boldly displayed, slightly offset to the lateral side. In honor of Kroos, there is also a small German flag placed around the heel tab, above the silo wording. These boots are a true tribute to the midfielder’s style and legacy.

It’s worth noting that Kroos has made some modifications to his boots in recent years. Adidas has custom-made boots for him to meet his specific needs, as the original adiPure 11pro has been discontinued. However, this 2023 remake provides fans with the same custom soft Taurus leather boot that was made to the specifications of the German maestro. The microfiber material used in the midfoot and heel is retained, while the outsole is the same as the one used in the 2009 adiPure.

For those who can’t get their hands on the ‘TK’ limited-edition boots, don’t worry. There is also a standard retail remake available. This version uses the Torsionframe of the Nemeziz and the Copa Pure, without the German flag on the heel. The most important thing is that people will still be able to experience the luxurious comfort and durability of the Taurus leather.

In conclusion, the remake of the adiPure 11pro is a dream come true for Toni Kroos fans and boot enthusiasts. These boots pay homage to Kroos’ iconic style and provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the same high-quality materials and design that the German midfielder enjoys. Whether you opt for the limited-edition version or the standard release, you can be sure that you’re getting a boot that represents the excellence of Toni Kroos on the field.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

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