Comparison between Nike Mercurial Superfly and adidas Predator

February 21, 2024

Adidas and Nike are once again battling it out with the release of their new-gen Predator Freak and Superfly 8 football boots. The Predator Freak features adidas Primeknit upper with rubber spikes called Demonskin for unmatched ball grip, while the Superfly 8 has a Vaporposite upper for a barefoot touch on the ball. Depending on whether you prefer a more direct feel or extreme ball grip, you can choose between the two.

In terms of pricing, the Predator Freak ranges from £75 to £230, while the Superfly 8 ranges from £50 to £245. The material construct of the boots differs, with the Predator Freak retaining a knitted upper and the Superfly 8 featuring a thin and translucent Vaporposite upper. If material construct is your priority, this can help you decide between the two boots.

Fit-wise, the laceless adidas Predator Freak+ is a favorite among those who prefer no laces, while the Superfly 8 offers a standard lacing system with a snug fit. The Predator’s Controlframe and the Superfly’s Aerotrac soleplates provide aggressive traction, with the Predator being more suited for rotational turns and the Superfly for straight line speed.

In terms of player preferences, forwards tend to favor the Superfly for its speed and explosiveness, while midfielders opt for the Predator for ball control and passing. Notable wearers of the Superfly include Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Jadon Sancho, while the Predator is worn by Paul Pogba.

Ultimately, choosing between the Predator Freak and Superfly 8 comes down to personal preference. The Predator offers a laceless design, knitted material, and aggressive ball grip, while the Superfly provides a tight fit, laced lockdown, barefoot touch, and responsive soleplate for speed. Both boots are excellent choices, and choosing between them will depend on what features matter most to you.

Ethan Holland
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