December SNKRS Exclusive Access: Get Your Hands on the Nike Kobe Reverse Grinch

November 30, 2023

The relaunch of Nike’s Kobe sneaker line is generating a lot of excitement among sneaker enthusiasts. Following the recent SNKRS Shock Drop for the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch, Nike has announced that exclusive access for this highly sought-after shoe is coming soon.

If you missed out on the initial release, don’t worry. Nike is giving you another opportunity to secure a pair before the SNKRS launch. Exclusive Access for the Kobe Reverse Grinch will be available to select Nike SNKRS members on December 5th. If you want to increase your chances of getting this exclusive access, make sure to check out more about SNKRS Exclusive Access and other SNKRS release types on the Sole Retriever website.

Nike has been working hard to increase transparency for its SNKRS users. For past releases like the Jordan 3 White Cement Reimagined and Nike Dunk Low Kentucky, Nike shared the selection criteria for SNKRS Exclusive Access. It’s no surprise that they will be doing an exclusive access release for the Nike Kobe Protro Reverse Grinch as well.

According to Nike, offers will be sent out to a selection of members who have entered and lost on at least six Kobe signature footwear launches since August 2020, and have also purchased other performance basketball or apparel since 2022. However, Nike explicitly states that meeting the criteria for EA does not guarantee selection, so there may still be some Nike members who don’t meet the criteria but still get access. Therefore, it’s important to check on launch day to see if you were selected.

On December 5th, at 12pm ET, those who are selected for Exclusive Access will be able to purchase the Nike Kobe Protro 6 Reverse Grinch through the SNKRS App. It is recommended to have push notifications enabled to see if you are selected. Additionally, the Sole Retriever website and mobile app will provide a direct link to check for EA, so make sure to keep an eye on those platforms.

To find out if you have exclusive access to the Kobe Reverse Grinch, you can check on the night before the access is sent by visiting, signing in, and clicking on the sneaker release page. If there is a black bar at the top of your screen that states “Exclusive Access,” then you have a chance to purchase a pair of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch when the offer is available on December 5th. For a more detailed explanation of SNKRS Exclusive Access, you can refer to the Sole Retriever website.

The relaunch of the Nike Kobe sneaker line has been a highly anticipated event for sneaker fans. The exclusive access release for the Nike Kobe Protro Reverse Grinch adds to the excitement. Make sure to mark December 5th in your calendar and stay tuned for updates on whether you’ll get the chance to purchase this iconic shoe. Good luck!

Ethan Holland
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