Fans Go Wild for Nike Powerpuff Girls Sneakers, Calling Them Absolutely Adorable

December 20, 2023

Nike SB has recently collaborated with the beloved 2000s cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls, to create a collection of sneakers that are causing quite a stir among fans. Released on December 14th, the Nike Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Collection features three main sneaker colorways inspired by each of the Powerpuff Girls – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

The “Buttercup” sneaker sports a vibrant green upper with black swooshes, laces, and a midsole, all sitting atop a translucent outsole. The design captures the fierce personality of Buttercup, with thematic touches like a consistent sockliner, images on the label at the back of the tongue, and details on the heel that align with her character.

The “Bubbles” sneaker boasts a shimmering blue upper paired with yellow swooshes and laces, perfectly embodying Bubbles’ bubbly and cheerful personality. This pair exudes a friendly attitude that pairs well with softer outfits.

Meanwhile, the “Blossom” pair stands out with its bold pink upper and orange swooshes. This fiery look encompasses everything about Blossom’s signature style, representing her fierce nature and leadership qualities. Wearing these sneakers exudes confidence, but be prepared to bring the heat to truly own a pair.

The collection was highly anticipated, and sneaker enthusiasts were eager to get their hands on them. However, they quickly sold out, leading to resellers marking up the prices to a staggering $700. To prevent reselling, some stores required customers to wear their pairs out of the store and destroy the packaging. This high demand even resulted in altercations between customers vying for a pair on release day.

The popularity of these sneakers is a testament to the deep love and nostalgia that sneakerheads have for classic animated shows. Nike SB has previously released sneakers inspired by shows like The Simpsons, and Adidas has also joined in on the trend with a pair of sneakers inspired by Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. The fusion of sneakers and nostalgic animation brings joy to fans who cherish childhood memories and showcases artistic creativity.

What are your thoughts on the Nike Powerpuff Girls sneakers? Would you be willing to pay $700 for a pair? Let us know your opinions.

Evan Phillips
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