Football Boots of Declan Rice

November 1, 2023

Declan Rice, the talented football player, is proudly sponsored by Adidas and wears their popular Copa Pure boots. The latest version of these boots, the Copa Pure II, features innovative Fusionskin technology. This technology seamlessly combines the best aspects of both knit and leather materials, with the forefoot made of leather and the midfoot upper crafted from a knit material. The use of premium leather provides a soft touch for excellent ball control, while the overall design ensures maximum comfort.

Recently, Adidas introduced an updated version of the Copa Pure II as part of the blue Marinerush pack. And it was with this new release that Rice stepped up to represent the Copa Pure II.1. Unlike its laceless predecessor, the Copa Pure II.1 features a standard tongue construction, which allows for more adjustability in terms of fit and lockdown. Rice, along with other players who chose the Pure II.1, appreciated this additional feature and its benefits.

To understand Rice’s connection with boots and his journey as a football player, let’s delve into his background. Born on January 14, 1999, in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, Rice began his football journey in the Chelsea Academy. However, when he was released by Chelsea, he made a move to West Ham in 2013. It was here that Rice was able to thrive and make a name for himself, progressing from the academy to becoming a regular starter for the first team.

Rice primarily plays as a defensive midfielder, known for his strong tackling ability and skill in bringing the ball forward from deep positions. His talent and contributions caught the attention of Arsenal, led by manager Mikel Arteta, and he joined the club in 2023 to strengthen their title aspirations.

When it comes to his choice of boots, Rice has shown a preference for leather over other materials. In the past, he frequently wore the modern Copa models, including the 18s and 19s, and embraced the various colorways available. However, before his affinity for Copa boots, Rice also had a period of wearing Nike Tiempo Legend 7 boots. It is possible that he switched to adidas Copas due to the changes in the leather sensation of the Tiempo 8 model.

Overall, Declan Rice’s partnership with Adidas and his selection of the Copa Pure II.1 boots showcases his dedication to both style and performance on the football field. As he continues to make waves in the sport, it will be interesting to see how his choice of boots evolves and what impact it has on his game.

Ethan Holland
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