Get a Sneak Peek at the Barcelona x Patta Collaboration

October 5, 2023

Following the release of a teaser video, the first official image of the special edition Barcelona shirt from the upcoming Nike x Patta ‘Culers del Món’ collection has been revealed. The collaboration between Barcelona and Dutch brand Patta was hinted at through a short video that depicted a journey through the human body, ending at the heart, and was accompanied by the caption “Our blood, our colors, our identity. Our shared history. Culers Del Món, stay tuned.” The newly released image showcases a special edition shirt that is expected to be part of Barcelona’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

The design of the shirt takes inspiration from the influence of the Dutch School on modern football, with Dutch trainers having played significant roles in Barcelona’s history. The Blaugrana color scheme is used to represent the blood and DNA that flows through the club, symbolizing the connection between Amsterdam and Barcelona. This metaphorical elixir, known as “Barca-blood,” runs through the veins of fans worldwide, uniting them in a symphony of Blue and Red.

The FC Barcelona x Patta Culers del Món collection will be available online on Friday, October 13th, at 13:00 CEST, as well as in Patta chapter stores in Amsterdam, London, and Milan. The Patta Script Logo Pre-Match Jersey will be exclusively available through Patta on October 13th, with the Spotify Logo Pre-Match Jersey following on October 16th.

The release of the image does not provide any information on when and where Barcelona will wear the Patta jersey, but fans will eagerly await further updates.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

News & Trends Editor

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