Is a Re-Release of the Air Jordan 8 “Snowflake” Sneaker with a Winter Theme Coming?

December 9, 2023

Winter is here, and with the holiday season in full swing, sneaker enthusiasts usually anticipate the release of winter-themed kicks. However, this year, there seems to be a scarcity of such designs in the sneaker market. The range of sneakers embellished with snowy designs and frosty motifs is surprisingly limited.

Many of us have noticed the lack of winter-themed sneaker designs that truly capture the essence of the season. Where are the sneakers featuring icy blue tones, silver accents, and white detailing? It’s disappointing to see the limited options available.

That’s why we can’t help but reminisce about some of the past sneaker highlights that truly embraced the winter theme, such as the iconic Air Jordan 8 “Snowflake.” These sneakers made their debut in 2018 and showcased a stunning combination of “Cobalt Blaze,” “Blue Void,” and “White.” But it wasn’t just the colors that stole the show; it was the numerous references to the icy coolness of winter that set them apart.

The patent leather straps of the Air Jordan 8 “Snowflake” featured a blizzard-inspired fade effect, adding to the overall icy aesthetic. The sneakers proudly displayed a unique snowflake design on their leather base, and even the rubber sole showcased the captivating snowflake pattern on the underside.

Interestingly, the aftermarket prices for these sneakers have remained relatively consistent with the initial retail price of $140 USD. However, due to limited size availability, some pairs are now being sold for as much as $300 USD. Initially released only for big kids, little kids, infants, and toddlers, these sneakers presented a challenge for adults with regular-sized feet.

It’s disappointing that the more experimental and vibrant colorways of sneakers often seem to be designed primarily for the youth. The adults, who would also love to wear unique and stunning designs, are left longing for their own size options. The Air Jordan 11 ‘Velvet’ from the Heiress Collection is another example of a coveted sneaker that was only released in big kids’ sizes, leaving adult fans wanting more.

For those who missed out on the Air Jordan 8 “Snowflake” when they were first released, there is still hope. Resale platforms such as StockX and other sneaker resellers offer a chance to hunt down a pair of these sneakers.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans from the Jordan Brand to re-release these winter-themed beauties, leaving fans hoping for a broader range of sizes. We remain optimistic for their return in the future, as we know we’re not the only ones yearning to don this spectacular design in adult sizes.

Until that hopeful day arrives, be sure to follow us for more sneaker drops and occasional trips down sneaker memory lane. And if you’re a fan of distinctively winter-themed sneakers like the Air Jordan 8 “Snowflake,” stay tuned for more sneaker-related content.

Ethan Holland
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