Kallithea Completes Their 23/24 Collection with a Stylish New Kappa Third Shirt in Athens

October 5, 2023

Athens Kallithea FC has unveiled their new third shirt for the 23/24 season, completing their kit set. The shirt comes in a rich gold shade and joins the previously released home and away shirts.

Athens Kallithea FC is quickly establishing itself as a prominent brand in the football-fashion space, thanks to the guidance of Ted Philipakos and the design studio, Bureau Borsche. This new Kappa third shirt is available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions.

The third shirt features a blue collar and cuffs, along with red stitch lines, reminiscent of Arsenal’s 2001/02 away shirt. The design also incorporates the ΕΜΣΤ wordmark of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens. This collaboration between the football club and the museum is a unique partnership and adds a special touch to the shirt.

In addition to the third shirt, Athens Kallithea FC has also released a home shirt and an away shirt for the 23/24 season. The home shirt features a navy base with horizontal pinstripes and a red collar, while the away shirt has a white base with vertical pinstripes and golden accents.

The release of the third shirt completes a triumphant set of jerseys for Athens Kallithea FC. The club has successfully merged fashion and football culture, taking inspiration from other iconic teams like Venezia FC. With their innovative designs and partnerships, Athens Kallithea FC is making a name for itself in the football world.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

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