Macron Unveils Stylish Third Shirt for Udinese Debut in 23/24 Season

October 5, 2023

Udinese Calcio recently unveiled their new third shirt for the 23/24 season in a Serie A match against Fiorentina. This unique jersey, created in collaboration with fashion designer Marcello Pipitone, made its debut during Milan Fashion Week.

The merging of football and fashion is evident in Udinese’s new kit. Produced by Macron, the shirt was designed by Milanese designer Marcello Pipitone. It features an all-over monochromatic graphic inspired by the movement and energy of the team. The black and white design is complemented by yellow accents on the collar, cuffs, branding, sponsor, and club crest, adding definition to the overall look.

Taking a closer look at the graphic, one can see that it consists of silhouettes of people running and moving. The design truly captures the essence of movement and energy on the football pitch. Marcello Pipitone expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “It was nothing short of fantastic to be able to work on this project. For me, the world of football has always represented a fundamental universe of reference, and now being able to design a shirt for a prestigious team in Serie A is truly an incredible achievement.”

Unfortunately, despite the eye-catching design, Udinese didn’t secure a victory in their match against Fiorentina. Despite their dominance throughout the game, Fiorentina managed to steal a 0-2 win. Udinese’s chances were repeatedly denied by the outstanding Terracciano, Fiorentina’s goalkeeper. However, this setback doesn’t diminish the impact of the new kit.

Carlo Capasa, President of CNMI, expressed his gratitude to Udinese Calcio and Magda Pozzo for giving them the opportunity to bring this project to life. He said, “Fashion and football are undoubtedly two excellences of our country, and having the opportunity to see them work together and team up is a great satisfaction.”

Overall, Udinese’s 23/24 third shirt is a testament to the growing collaboration between football and fashion. The unique design and the incorporation of fashion elements make it a standout piece. Football and fashion enthusiasts alike can now get their hands on this stylish kit on the Macron website.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

News & Trends Editor

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