Nike Air Max Plus “Tiempo” HF0074-001 Sneakers

March 22, 2024

Nike has recently unveiled a new hybrid sneaker, merging the iconic Nike Tiempo football boot with the classic Air Max Plus silhouette from 1998. This collaboration is part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Air Max Plus model. The new sneaker, called the Mercurial TN, was debuted by Kylian Mbappe and is inspired by Sean McDowell’s original design. The design features all-leather uppers with contrast stitch detailing, replacing the traditional TPU cage above the mesh base. The Tiempo’s extended flap is also incorporated, folded down above the laces.

In addition to the Mercurial TN release, there are more crossover designs in the pipeline. One of the upcoming releases is the Air Max Plus “PSG,” a collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain. This partnership began in 2019 and continues to produce innovative designs that blend lifestyle appeal with performance functionality.

While an official release date for the Air Max Plus Tiempo has not been announced yet, fans can expect more details to surface as Air Max Day 2024 approaches. Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated release.

For those interested in purchasing the new Mercurial TN sneaker, it will be available at select retailers in the US in 2024. Nikestore US will be one of the retailers carrying the shoe, with a standard release time of 10:00. The sneaker will ship to North America only, and customers can check the site for availability on the release day. Be sure to mark your calendars and set reminders for this exciting drop.

Overall, Nike’s fusion of iconic sneaker silhouettes with innovative football designs continues to push the boundaries of footwear creativity. Keep an eye out for more exciting collaborations and releases from Nike in the near future.

Ethan Holland
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