Nike Dunk Low Sneakers, A Halloween Essential: Unveiling ‘The Mystery Machine’ Edition

October 10, 2023

As we approach the spooky season, it’s the perfect time to immerse ourselves in the mysterious world of Scooby Doo. And what better way to elevate your Halloween look than with a pair of stunning custom sneakers? Andrew C has once again impressed us with his latest creation, “The Mystery Machine” Nike Dunk Low sneakers, designed specifically for Halloween.

In true @andu.c fashion, the colors of the original inspiration have been incorporated into this custom design. However, instead of the usual vibrant electric blue, bright greens, and yellows, the colors have been muted to give the sneakers an aged appearance, tapping into the nostalgia that fans will feel when they see them. The darkest part of the sneakers, the outsole, is a navy blue that represents the iconic tires of the Mystery Machine van that has transported the Scooby Doo gang on countless adventures.

You might wonder why the designer chose blue instead of black or grey. In many cartoons and animations, dark blue is used for shadows and shading to avoid affecting the overall look. It’s a thoughtful choice that adds depth to the design. The midsole and tongue of the sneakers have been customized to match, using a creamy off-white color that resembles the aging process these shoes have undergone. It’s a deliberate choice that enhances the nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the old days when Scooby Doo aired on channels like Boomerang.

The upper panelling of the sneakers alternates between blue and green, mirroring the iconic color scheme of the Mystery Machine. The toe box is green, matching the side of the vehicle, and the phrase “THE MYSTERY MACHINE” is elegantly placed just below the lace unit, just as it is on the van itself. The entire sneaker features small yellow flowers that complement the rims of the tires and the decals found on the actual vehicle. The Nike Swoosh panel has also been modified to match the same yellow, slightly brighter to draw attention. The laces, in an aged cream color, complete the overall vintage look, reminiscent of the countless adventures the Mystery Gang has embarked on.

The inner lining and rim of the tongue sport a slightly more saturated blue, perfectly harmonizing with the sneaker’s exterior. These sneakers were initially released on Andrew C’s Instagram page last October in preparation for “Halloween week,” and unfortunately, they are no longer available on his website. Nevertheless, they remain stunning sneakers that deserve recognition each year, especially for fans of the Scooby Doo gang and the Mystery Machine.

So, would you dare to wear these custom “The Mystery Machine” Nike Dunk Low sneakers?

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

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