Nike Releases Initial Installment of the 2024 ‘Black Pack’

January 22, 2024

Nike has released the first part of the 2024 Black Pack, featuring the Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II. These boots come in black stealth suits, offering a more understated alternative to the recently-released ‘Mad Ready’ pack. Unlike the vibrant colors of the ‘Mad Ready’ pack, these boots are almost entirely devoid of color, with only some white accents and subtle shades of blue in the branding and soleplate.

The Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II are now more similar than ever before. The GX II has adopted the Cyclone 360 soleplate from the Luna II, and the Luna II has adopted the GX II’s Gripknit upper. The only real difference between the two boots now is the presence of a collar on the Luna II. This release caters to those who prefer a low-profile look on the pitch, allowing them to stand out for their performance rather than their appearance.

The Phantom twins have made another outing just like the ‘Phantom Vortex’ pack. These boots are perfect for players who don’t want to attract too much attention with flashy colors. Nike has created a sleek and stealthy design that allows players to focus on their game. With the 2024 Black Pack, Nike continues to innovate and provide options for all players, regardless of their style preferences.

Check out the images below to get a closer look at the Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II in their blacked-out colorways. These boots exude confidence and style, making them a great choice for players who want to make a statement on the field without relying on bold colors.

Ethan Holland
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