Nike’s Upcoming Release: The 2024 Ekiden Pack

November 28, 2023

Japan’s Ekiden season is a highly anticipated event, and Nike Running has been paying close attention to the race for many years. They have studied the athletes and their footwear needs, leading to the creation of the “Ekiden Pack” collection. This collection draws inspiration from Japan’s rich running heritage and culture, resulting in products that are designed to be fast and visually striking.

The Ekiden 2024 collection includes five silhouettes: the Vaporfly 3, Alphafly 2, Pegasus 40, Zoom Fly 5, and Rival Fly 3. These shoes are all presented in a bold “Luminous Green/Crimson Tint/Volt/Black” color scheme. The standout feature of the collection is the mismatched color arrangement on the headlining ZoomX-cushioned marathon race shoes. The left shoe is given a pinkish makeover, while the right shoe features a near-fluorescent combination of greens. These colors have become synonymous with speed thanks to Nike’s performance innovations and the success of elite athletes.

The “Ekiden” collection has been produced through Nike’s Global Express Lane strategy, which expedites manufacturing processes and incorporates local culture, insights, and trends into the design process. This approach results in a range of footwear and apparel that not only appeals to a specific audience but also tells a compelling story. The graphics featured in the collection pay homage to the origins of the Ekiden race and the majestic landscapes found along its courses.

In addition to the footwear, the accompanying apparel also references the Ekiden race. The stripe-detailing on the apparel is inspired by tasuki, a sash that is used in Ekiden races in place of traditional batons.

The “Ekiden” collection will be released in Japan starting on December 1st and will have a global launch on before the end of 2023.

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Ethan Holland
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