October 27 Launch Unveils Nike’s Mac Attack “Split Vision” Through Social Status

October 16, 2023

Social Status has been at the forefront of the Nike Mac Attack collection, and they started the frenzy with their release of the “Silver Linings” edition. To build hype, they launched a new online short film series called “1st & 15th”. Following that, they released their second collaboration called “Social Currency”, which also featured premium materials and special project branding, along with the tearaway upper concept on the Swoosh and ankle collar. Now, they are gearing up for the third installment called “Split Vision”.

The “Split Vision” Mac Attack collaboration comes in a grey-scale colorway. It features premium leather and suede uppers in light smoke grey and dark smoke grey, with striking yellow ochre shoelaces. Like the previous releases, this shoe also has tearaway satin on the Swoosh and ankle, revealing a darker shade of the neutral color. It will come in special shoe-boxes and packaging, as well as custom inserts. This is the third out of four anticipated releases (the fourth one was recently revealed as well). Social Status also premiered the third episode of their 1st & 15th story, directed by Loyd Visuals.

The “Split Vision” will officially be available on October 27th, priced at $140. It will come in a range of sizes, from Mens 3.5/Women’s 5 to Mens 16/Women’s 17.5. Customers can purchase them in-store at the three Whitaker Group retail fronts or online exclusively on Social Status.

In other Mac Attack collaboration news, the highly anticipated Travis Scott Nike Mac Attack is generating a lot of buzz. Stay tuned for the latest updates on that release.

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Zach Hoo-Lochrie
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