Only 99 Pairs of the Bugatti x adidas X Crazyfast Available

November 2, 2023

Bugatti and adidas have recently joined forces to bring us an exciting collaboration – the Bugatti x adidas X Crazyfast football boot. This limited edition cleat combines the luxury automotive design of Bugatti with the engineering prowess of sportswear by adidas. With only 99 pairs available, this boot is sure to become a sought-after piece for collectors.

This collaboration goes beyond the merging of two iconic brands. It represents a shared philosophy where performance and design are inseparable. Bugatti, with its “Form Follows Performance” design mantra, perfectly aligns with adidas‘ relentless pursuit of sporting excellence.

The innovative Speedframe sole plate technology of the X Crazyfast boot mirrors the power of Bugatti’s W16 engine found in the Bugatti Chiron. Designed for lightweight and swift acceleration, it embodies the essence of speed on the field. Additional features like the Aerocage for stability and the Aeropacity Speedskin for breathability further reinforce the boot’s commitment to speed and strength. The inclusion of a carbon fiber inlay, reminiscent of the carbon fiber used in Bugatti cars, seamlessly ties the two brands together.

The X Crazyfast showcases Bugatti’s iconic Grand Prix cars with its semi-transparent mono-mesh material in Bugatti Blue. This color not only pays homage to a century of motorsport dominance but also serves as a distinctive symbol for fans of the brand.

Both brands’ ethos takes center stage on the boot, with adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” and Bugatti’s “Create the Incomparable” proudly displayed on the sides. And for those with an eye for detail, Ettore Bugatti’s emblematic insignia adorns the rear, serving as a reminder of the genius behind the world’s most extraordinary hypersports cars.

The unboxing experience of the Bugatti x adidas X Crazyfast is equally as grand as the boots themselves. They come housed in a specially crafted box that reflects the carbon fiber weave fundamental to Bugatti’s car construction.

To acquire a pair of these exclusive boots, an auction will be held on the adidas Collect Web 3 platform from November 8th to the 11th. Winners will be presented with a digital shoebox, redeemable for both a physical pair and a digital twin starting from November 13th. Shipping will begin in early December. For more information on how to participate, visit

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The Bugatti x adidas X Crazyfast boot is a true testament to the meeting of automotive and sportswear excellence. Get ready to experience unprecedented performance and style on the field.

Ethan Holland
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