Potential Collaboration in the Works: Corteiz x Supreme

December 20, 2023

Off the back of the recent Nike collaboration rumors in November, Corteiz has once again captured the attention of streetwear enthusiasts everywhere. Images released by Corteiz founder Clint419 suggest a potential link-up between the London streetwear brand and the king of collaboration, Supreme.

Over the weekend, a billboard appeared in London displaying a co-branded rendition of both brand’s logos. The Corteiz Alcatraz logo, in Supreme’s iconic red tint, takes center stage, accompanied by a “Supreme Rules the World” text imprint. This confirmation, posted by Clint419 himself, indicates that a collaboration between the two is on the horizon.

Perhaps the signs were somewhat there already, as Clint made an appearance in THEM Magazine’s Supreme Fall/Winter 2023 editorial. However, the news of the collaboration has still sent the collective streetwear space into a bit of a meltdown.

As for what will be featured in the collaboration, it’s anyone’s guess. Given both brands’ history of producing sportswear styles, we can likely expect a mix of tracksuits, tees, and bottoms. However, the specifics remain a mystery. Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration.

In the meantime, another exciting release to look forward to is the rumored return of the Air Jordan 4 “Military Blue”. Stay tuned for more information on that release as well.

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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