PUMA All-Pro NITRO Teams Up with Gremlins for Exclusive Collaboration

November 14, 2023

PUMA Basketball has a reputation for unexpected collaborations, and this holiday season, they’re teaming up with the mischievous Gremlins for a unique take on the PUMA All-Pro NITRO. Known for their partnerships with pop-culture icons like Rick & Morty and Dexter’s Laboratory, PUMA is no stranger to co-branded collaborations, and this one is sure to delight fans of the 1984 film.

The PUMA All-Pro NITRO is a low-top nitrogen-infused silhouette that features a mismatched aesthetic, splitting the left and right shoes between the likeness of Gizmo and Stripe. The left shoe showcases the movie’s main antagonist with a deep olive green hue and subtle brown accents, while the right shoe features Gizmo’s splotchy brown coat. The tongue of the shoe has furry white detailing, reminiscent of the texture of a Mogwai and capturing the essence of 80s nostalgia. Both pairs are stamped with the face of each character at the heel, and a vibrant cream outsole completes the look.

To further pay homage to the Gremlins film, the shoes come in a special bright green box with breathable holes and “HANDLE WITH CARE” labels. Additionally, a checklist graphic along the tongue tabs lists the three essential rules for handling all Gremlins, adding an extra touch of authenticity and nostalgia to the collaboration.

The Gremlins x PUMA All-Pro NITRO is set to release on December 8th with a retail price of $140. Fans of the film and sneakerheads alike will surely be excited for this unique and playful collaboration.

Ethan Holland
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