PUMA Unveils the ‘Phenomenal Pack’ Featuring the Future 7 FTR

January 11, 2024

Following the limited edition tease on Boxing Day, PUMA has officially launched the Future 7 Ultimate FTR as part of its ‘Phenomenal Pack’. This release marks the unveiling of the latest generation of PUMA’s Future silo, which has been highly anticipated by fans. The limited edition tease was just a sneak peek, and now the full release of the Future 7 Ultimate FTR allows us to appreciate the new design without any distractions.

The Future 7 Ultimate FTR comes in a striking “Puma White/Puma Black/Poison Pink” colorway. It features three key tech improvements that enhance performance. The FUZIONFIT360 system has been revamped, and the PWRTAPE and PWRPRINT positioning has been revised to provide a secure fit. The new PWRTAPE design is shaped like a Y instead of the previous zig zag pattern, and the PWRPRINT has different levels of thickness for stability or flexibility in key areas. The pink soleplate highlights the upgraded FUZIONFIT360 system.

Visually, the boot has a predominantly white base with swirling pink and blue accents on the upper. The black branding stands out against the base, and pink is more prominent on the forefoot of the soleplate. This combination creates a sleek and modern look.

PUMA’s Future athletes, including Jack Grealish, Julia Grosso, Neymar, and James Maddison, will be wearing the Future 7 Ultimate FTR. These players are known for their skill and style on the field, and now they have a boot that matches their performance.

The Future 7 Ultimate FTR is a must-have for fans of PUMA and football. Its innovative features and eye-catching design make it a standout choice on the pitch. Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate fan, this boot is sure to impress. Stay tuned for the release of the Ultra and King versions of the Future as part of the ‘Phenomenal Pack’.

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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