PUMA x PLEASURES Infuses Latest Collection with a Sporty Vibe

October 13, 2023

A few months ago, PUMA announced its exciting partnership with PLEASURES, and their first collection was a huge success. Now, they’re back with their second collaboration, offering a mix of sporty styles that are perfect for the season. This collection is all about celebrating music, pop culture, and the vibrant melting pot of Los Angeles.

What’s unique about this second drop is that PLEASURES co-founder Alex James will be featured as a guest on the Shelflife website for an exclusive early launch. Fans will also have the opportunity to catch him at Mother-in-law in Johannesburg on October 13th, where he will be showcasing his DJ skills. The following evening, he will be in Cape Town at One Park for another exciting session.

Jake Lipman, the brand manager for Shelflife, shared his excitement about this exclusive launch. He explained that it all started with a personal passion for the PLEASURES brand and eventually led to the collaboration with Shelflife. When PLEASURES partnered with PUMA, the idea for something extraordinary was born. Bringing Alex James to South Africa for the launch was a way to connect with their shared communities and show him what their country has to offer.

The second part of this collaboration features a mix of original patterns, cut-and-sew pieces, graphic tees, accessories, and footwear. Some pieces in the collection showcase the iconic “Sportartikelhersteller” graphics, which means “Sporting goods manufacturer” in German. This is a nod to PUMA’s rich history as a manufacturer of sports products. The colors and styles pay homage to both German and Los Angeles cultures.

One of our favorite pieces in this collection is the DIY-inspired PUMA Velophasis sneaker, which returns with two contrasting colorways. The first colorway continues the overdyeing aesthetic of the first collection, featuring an off-white palette with subtle yellowing of the sole. The second colorway is a vibrant expression in orange, yellow, and black color blocking.

The apparel collection includes standout pieces like the Puffer Jacket with geometric patterns, the Zip-Off Jacket with zipped raglan sleeves, and various PUMA Hoodies and Tees. The collection is rounded off with accessories like the Masked Bucket Hat and the Messenger Bag made with Cordura ripstop fabric.

If you’re a fan of sportswear and unique collaborations, this second collection from PUMA x PLEASURES is a must-have. It will be available in-store at Shelflife and PUMA retail stores starting October 14th. You can also shop online at PUMA.com. On October 21st, the collection will launch at Archive stores as well. Don’t miss out on this exciting fusion of style and creativity.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

News & Trends Editor

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