Rare Air Jordan 11 “Red Sox” Sneakers Available at Sneaker King Sports

October 31, 2023

NBA’s PJ Tucker, known as the Sneaker King, has an impressive collection of footwear that ranges from custom designs to exclusive sneakers. In the season opener against the Bucks, Tucker caught everyone’s attention by wearing the rarely seen Air Jordan 11 PE “Red Sox” sneakers, making them only the second pair to be publicly displayed.

These distinctive sneakers were first seen in 2019, when they were worn by former Red Sox player Mookie Betts during a Locker Tour with What Pros Wear. Betts mistakenly referred to them as several other Jordan models, causing some controversy. However, the all-red design of these exclusive sneakers is truly mesmerizing, with navy lining, a heel tab, and a touch of black combined with red on the seamless leather accent.

Betts’s pair had his jersey number, 50, printed vertically on the back, and similar pairs were given to other Major League Baseball players at the time. In the game against the Bucks, Tucker wore a pair with the number 24 on the back. This suggests that they might have belonged to David Price, Tucker’s former Red Sox teammate and a fellow ambassador for the Jordan brand.

Considering the rarity of these sneakers, it’s not far-fetched to assume that Tucker managed to obtain a private pair from Price. The exact circumstances surrounding Tucker’s acquisition of this pair remain unknown, but it’s clear that he has a strong influence in the sneaker community.

Tucker’s collection includes coveted sneakers such as the Air Jordan 5 “PRFC”, Yeezy Red Octobers, and 2011 Nike Mags. His passion for sneakers is evident, and his ability to acquire and showcase desirable trainers sets him apart from other players in the league. As the NBA’s Sneaker King, he solidifies his reputation once again with this pair of Jordan 11 Red Sox PEs.

If these Air Jordan 11 Red Sox PEs were made available to the public, would you consider adding them to your collection? Or does their exclusivity and limited availability make them even more desirable?

Evan Phillips
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