Saddle Up, Partner! Get Ready for the Rodeo with the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot

October 26, 2023

Croctober is in full swing with the latest releases from the popular footwear brand. Just after surprising fans with the Pixar x Crocs Classic Clog “Mater,” Crocs is now ready to unveil its next viral hit. Introducing the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot, a Western-inspired shoe that is sure to turn heads.

Unlike their traditional ankle-length shoes, the Crocs Cowboy Boot breaks the mold and offers a fresh perspective on the brand. With a high-top finish, this boot features intricate embroidered details, reminiscent of a classic cowboy boot. The base of the shoe is made from a Crocskin material with an embossed finish, adding to its unique charm. To show off its cowboy roots, the boot is adorned with a sheriff’s star charm on the toe box and silver spurs at the rear. It’s safe to say that this boot is the real deal.

Mark your calendars for October 23, also known as Croc Day. This fan-created holiday is the perfect occasion for the release of the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot. Given its online buzz and popularity, it’s safe to assume that this boot will sell out quickly. So, if you’re a fan of Crocs and want to add a Western twist to your wardrobe, don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind release. Giddy-up, partner!

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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