Salford City Unveils Exclusive Jacket for Pre-Match Support of Salford Lads Club

October 16, 2023

Arriving as one of the more lowkey style drops of the season, Salford City FC players showcased their new limited edition retro prematch jacket during their game against Wrexham over the weekend. The jacket has been released to raise money for Salford Lads Club, following the success of the limited edition jersey released back in July. The collaboration between Salford City FC, adidas, and Pro:Direct Soccer aims to combine football and fashion in Salford.

The jacket is based on the iconic adidas Originals collection and features a green color that is representative of the Lads Club’s iconic front doors and color scheme. The back of the jacket proudly displays the words “Salford City Football Club,” reminiscent of the anthem jackets popular among football supporters for decades.

This release puts Salford City FC in an interesting position, as they experiment with the potential of entering the realms of hype drops seen from lower profile clubs across Europe. While they may not be at the same level just yet, Salford City FC has the potential to mark themselves out and follow a similar path.

A limited number of jackets have been produced for this latest collection, adding an extra level of prestige. The jackets will be released in three batches, with the final batch of 120 jackets available exclusively from the Lads Club itself. This limited edition nature adds to the premium feel, as it is not easily accessible. Owning a piece like this showcases both a taste for fashion and an appreciation for the story behind it.

The jacket features white accents, particularly on the full-length sleeves and the Adidas Trefoil symbol. The placement of the Trefoil symbol on the left of the chest, above the heart, goes against convention, while faithfully recreating the Lads Club’s iconic green signage seen on the jersey.

Andrew Gordon, Creative & Engagement Manager at Salford City, expressed his delight in being able to collaborate with adidas and Pro:Direct once again to raise funds for Salford Lads Club in their 120th anniversary year. The support and collaboration of different industries, such as art, music, and sport culture, reflect the true spirit of Salfordians coming together to help one another. The Jackets are not only stylish but also a representation of the partnership’s commitment to supporting the continued work and opportunities offered by the Lads Club.

With the release of this limited edition jacket, Salford City FC continues to make its mark in the crossover between football and fashion. The collaboration with adidas and Pro:Direct showcases the club’s ambition and dedication to connecting with its supporters and the community. By supporting the Salford Lads Club, Salford City FC proves its commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.

Zach Hoo-Lochrie
Zach Hoo-Lochrie

News & Trends Editor

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