Soft, Plush Design of the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel”

January 29, 2024

Felt may not be the first material that comes to mind when thinking about footwear design, but it has gained popularity in the sneaker industry. Nike, for example, has experimented with felt in several of its shoe models. However, the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” stands out as a prime example of how felt can elevate a shoe’s design.

The Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” gets its name from the grey felt material that covers most of the shoe’s upper. This material resembles the coat of a Western Gray Squirrel, giving the sneaker a playful yet sophisticated look. The grey felt can be found on key areas such as the toe box, tongue, ankle flap, and quarter panel, replacing the traditional elephant print found on other Air Jordan 3 iterations.

But the luxury doesn’t stop with the felt. The shoe features additional high-end trimmings that enhance its overall aesthetic. For example, the middle panel on the mudguard is made of “Flat Pewter” textile fabric, breaking up the felt texture. The upper half of the eye stays and collar are covered in “Oatmeal” leather, giving the shoe a buttery smooth appearance. The inner lining is made of fluffy faux fur in “Sail,” resembling the underbelly of a squirrel.

The shoe also incorporates details such as a “Dusted Clay” colored heel tab with black branding, black eyelets and lace loops for subtle contrast, and luxury “Dark Ale Brown” leather laces with a brown Jumpman logo embroidered on the tongue. The midsole features a sail and brown color scheme with a clear Air unit in the heel, complemented by a brown rubber outsole.

It’s important to note that the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” is a concept design created by the Sneaker Fortress creative team and not an official Nike release. However, if you’re interested in owning a pair similar to this concept, there are talented sneaker artists who can bring the idea to life. Custom designs with fur inner linings have gained popularity, and it’s possible to commission a pair modeled after the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” concept.

The exquisite felt exterior, snug fur insole, and lavish leather laces make the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” a sneaker worth considering. And for those who prefer a different color, perhaps a pink design, stay tuned for more updates. What are your thoughts on the Air Jordan 3 “Squirrel” design? Do you love the current color scheme, or would you like to see it in pink as well?

Ethan Holland
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