Supreme Introduces Winter 2023 Tee Collection, Continues to Deliver Iconic Bogos

December 12, 2023

Supreme’s box logo pieces may not sell out as quickly as they once did, but the recent hoodie drop clearly demonstrated the continued demand for these products. In an attempt to further satisfy this demand, Supreme has unveiled a preview of their Winter 2023 tee selection, featuring a single box logo tee among several other designs.

As per Supreme’s usual tee releases, this latest launch presents seven new designs, each available in a variety of colors. The standout piece is undoubtedly the camouflage box logo tee, mirroring the design of last week’s hoodie. This tee features Supreme’s iconic logo on a woodland camo background.

Additionally, Supreme pays tribute to Pro Wrestling legend The Great Muta in this collection. Despite never stepping foot in the WWE, The Great Muta, also known as Keiji Muto, captured the hearts and minds of wrestling fans worldwide. Another notable tee design is the New York address tee, featuring a bold “FUCK YOU” backprint composed of the yin-yang symbol, perfectly in line with Supreme’s rebellious brand identity.

Evan Phillips
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