The Air Jordan 1 High “Old Brogue”: An Elegant Choice for the Sophisticated Gentleman’s Footwear

March 27, 2024

Sneaker designs that draw inspiration from the past to create a nostalgic and timeless look are always something to admire. The gentleman’s sneaker category, in particular, combines modern silhouettes with classic materials and details to produce the most sophisticated and stylish kicks on the market. One such design that stands out is the Air Jordan 1 High “Old Brogue” custom by Roger Hung, a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary style.

The design of the Air Jordan 1 High “Old Brogue” draws inspiration from traditional brogue shoes that have been a staple in men’s fashion for centuries. The updated version of the classic brogue shoe caters to the modern man’s desire for both style and comfort. It’s a combination of premium materials, intricate details, and the iconic Air Jordan silhouette that never goes out of fashion, making it a must-have in any gentleman’s sneaker collection.

Crafted from full-grain natural cowhide, the base of the sneaker exudes sophistication and luxury. The vegetable-tanned leather gives the shoes a vintage, worn-in look that will only improve with age. Details like the wingtip toe box, serrated patterns, and dark brown saffiano cowhide overlays add to the overall elegance of the design. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the sneaker, from the perforated patterns to the luxurious nappa lambskin inner lining.

Roger Hung’s creation of the Air Jordan 1 High “Old Brogue” showcases a perfect fusion of classic style and modern sophistication. The design is versatile enough to be dressed up for formal events or worn to the office for a touch of elegance. While this particular design was a one-of-one commission, Shoe Cutterz offers customisation services for those looking to create their own unique gentleman’s sneaker design.

If you’re a fan of the Air Jordan 1 High “Old Brogue,” or if you’re looking to add a gentleman’s sneaker to your collection, reach out to Shoe Cutterz to explore customisation options. Whether you prefer classic styles or modern designs, there’s something for everyone in the world of bespoke sneaker creations.

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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