The Arrival of KAWS x Sky High Farm Workwear x Nike Air Force 1 is Imminent

December 8, 2023

As the year comes to a close, Nike continues to surprise us with exciting new collaborations in the industry. One collaboration that has caught everyone’s attention is the partnership between KAWS x Sky High Farm Workwear and Nike on the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker.

When it comes to the Air Force 1, it’s hard to forget the memorable collaboration between American artist Kaws and Nike in the 1World series back in 2008. This time, however, there’s a unique twist to the story with the inclusion of Sky High Farm Workwear, making it a three-way collaboration. And the best part? It serves a noble cause! A significant portion of the collection’s proceeds will go towards funding Sky High Farm’s nonprofit organization, which aims to improve access to healthy food and address the issue of food insecurity.

The Sky High Farm Workwear x KAWS x Nike Air Force 1 Low will soon be released in two distinct styles: the understated “Triple White” and the eye-catching “Triple Black.” The design of these sneakers is intentionally uncomplicated, using the timeless 1982 model’s existing black and white pairs to align with Sky High Farm’s commitment to sustainability. However, what sets them apart are the iconic Nike Swooshes adorned with KAWS’ signature touch – puffy grey cloud-like figures created using printed, dye-cut appliques layered over the original logos.

Despite their simplicity, these sneakers are immediately distinguishable, thanks to KAWS’ unique art style. The only other elements that deviate from the tonal theme are the silver lace dubraes, adding a subtle touch of contrast.

But this exciting collaboration doesn’t stop at sneakers. An array of limited-edition products featuring KAWS and Sky High Farm Workwear’s influence will also be released, including an exclusive chore coat, hoodie, and beanie, among other items.

The sneakers are scheduled to be unveiled on December 16th, along with the rest of the collection. Fans can expect a limited quantity release through Sky High Farm’s website, Dover Street Market New York, and the DSML E-SHOP.

Although pricing details have yet to be announced, if you’re eager to own a pair of these extraordinary sneakers or any other item from the collection, stay tuned for release updates. And remember to follow us for more sneaker drops and reviews.

What are your thoughts on the KAWS x Sky High Farm Workwear x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration?

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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