The Jordan 3 “American Breakfast”: A Powerhouse for Champions

December 8, 2023

Did you know that Nike’s range of sneakers could resemble an entire breakfast spread? From the mouth-watering “Waffle” Dunks to the bacon-inspired Air Max color scheme and the Kyrie 4 cereal pack, Nike has embraced breakfast-themed designs that are visually stimulating for sneaker enthusiasts. However, one lingering question remains: what about the Jordan line? Well, the perfect answer to that question comes in the form of the Jordan 3 “American Breakfast.”

Breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day, so it’s no surprise that it has served as a culinary inspiration for some of the biggest sneaker brands. With iconic food items like pancakes, toast, bacon, and eggs, the design potential for a breakfast-themed Jordan sneaker is immense.

The idea for the Jordan 3 “American Breakfast” came about when our team members, Jarrod Saunders and Brandon Krige, had an imaginative breakthrough. It all started with Brandon unintentionally leaving a voicemail ordering “sunny side” up eggs and “white toast.” This slip-up sparked an incredible brainstorming session among our team.

The sneaker, with its all-American breakfast spread palette, features hues of white, yellow, brown, and mauve. These colors perfectly capture the essence of classic breakfast favorites like eggs, toast, and bacon. The upper section of the shoe is made of muted brown, tumbled leather, with a deeper shade adorning the ankle flap. The iconic elephant print, found on the toe, heel, and mid-eye stays, showcases a contrasting tone inspired by morning toast.

Resembling the delicate touch of egg whites, the tongue, lower eye stays, mudguard, heel, and laces of the sneaker feature a soft white color. To capture the vibrant yellow of a sunny-side-up egg, the Jumpman logo and eyelets shine in striking yellow. And for that extra crispy bacon look, shades of mauve are featured on the sneaker’s lining and midsole.

Completing the design, white graces the midsole, while beige touches the rubber outsole, creating a harmonious blend of colors. The perforated collar is complemented by the shade used on the outsole. Although the insoles of the sneaker are not showcased in the provided pictures, it’s easy to envision a delightful breakfast-inspired design with mini graphics of toast slices, streaks of bacon, and sunny-side-up eggs.

While this concept remains imaginary, a breakfast-themed design from the Jordan line would undoubtedly be an impressive addition, considering the recurring breakfast theme within the Nike collection. Whether or not this color scheme becomes an official breakfast edition, there’s no denying the distinct charm it brings to the Air Jordan 3’s appearance with its stunning blend of colors.

So, what are your thoughts on this decadent Jordan 3 “American Breakfast” colorway or custom design? Let us know!

Ethan Holland
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