Top 10 Kit Sets of the 2023/2024 Season

October 25, 2023

Some clubs in Europe just seem to have all the luck when it comes to their shirt designs. While many teams are happy with just one standout kit, we’ve rounded up the ten best dressed sides for the 23/24 season, regardless of which kits they choose to wear.

Spezia takes the number 10 spot on our list with their sleek monochrome home and away kits, complemented by a unique third shirt that incorporates elements of their home city. The collar execution adds a nice touch to all three designs.

It’s great to see Mizuno back in the European kit game, and Lazio earns a spot on our list thanks to the fine details of their kits. From the embossed graphic of the crest on the home shirt to the Italian tricolore on the cuffs of the away shirt and the simple but beautiful third kit, each design is clean and tidy.

Fiorentina‘s kit set is stunning, with all three designs featuring lilies, the symbol of the city of Florence and the club itself. The only downside is that the home and third shirts are essentially the same color.

Adidas once again delivers with Ajax’s kit set, with a traditional home shirt, a contemporary turquoise/light print pattern on the away shirt, and a third shirt inspired by Diamonds, paying tribute to the club’s youth academy.

Venezia’s kit set takes a different approach, with a sponsor appearing on their kits for the first time in years. The placement of the club crest and branding break tradition, and the away shirt pays tribute to Venetian Gondoliers.

EA7 has hit their stride with Napoli, the current Serie A champions. The home shirt embraces the Scudetto, while the away shirt features a stylized print of Vesuvius. The third shirt has a sublimated graphic on a black base, with bronze accents.

Leeds United’s kit set by adidas is deserving of the Premier League, but they’re still making an impact in the Championship. The peacock, a symbol of the club, is featured on all three designs, with the third shirt being the most eye-catching.

AS Monaco always manages to look good, and Kappa elevates their kit set with a unique diagonal design, a tonal black base for the away shirt, and the use of gold trim. The third shirt continues the diagonal pattern, but in blue to represent the Mediterranean.

Athens Kallithea, in partnership with Kappa and Bureau Borsche, continues to impress with their kit set. The home shirt has navy and red details, the away shirt features delicate vertical pinstripes, and the third shirt dazzles in gold with blue and red accents.

AS Roma‘s new partnership with adidas proves to be a winner, with all three kits perfectly balancing tradition and modernity. The stripped back Lupetto crest on the home shirt and the incorporation of Rome’s ancient allure make this set truly special.

These are just a few of the best dressed sides in Europe for the 23/24 season. Honorable mentions go to Genoa and Manchester City, who narrowly missed out on a spot on our list.

Kai Hoo-Lochrie
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