University of Michigan Acquires Exclusive Jordan Tatum 1 PE

November 23, 2023

Jordan Brand’s partnership with Jayson Tatum has been a platform for innovative design and personal storytelling. This collaboration has resulted in a range of unique colorways and special editions of the Jordan Tatum 1 sneakers. The latest addition to this collection is the Jordan Tatum 1 University of Michigan PE, which pays homage to the prestigious University of Michigan.

The standout feature of the Jordan Tatum 1 University of Michigan PE is its color scheme. The sneaker beautifully combines blue and white, with accents of gold and brown, capturing the spirit of the Wolverines. What sets this design apart is the replacement of the Tatum logo with the Wolverines logo, prominently displayed in vibrant yellow.

One striking element of the shoe is the gradient tie-dye pattern on the TPU overlays near the toe and midfoot. This eye-catching effect adds to the overall appeal of the sneaker, especially when juxtaposed against the engineered mesh base and denim heel section in various shades of blue. These blue sections bear a resemblance to the previously released Tatum 1 Denim colorway.

To ensure comfort and performance, the Jordan Tatum 1 University of Michigan PE features a practical and stylish white foam midsole and outsole. This combination not only enhances the sneaker’s aesthetic but also provides a comfortable experience for the wearer.

It’s worth noting that the Jordan Tatum 1 University of Michigan PE is an exclusive design and will not be available for public release. This sneaker is reserved solely for the University of Michigan basketball team.

Ethan Holland
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