USC Unveils Nike Kobe 8 Protro PEs in Collaboration

December 19, 2023

USC Trojans have partnered with Nike to release exclusive colorways of the Nike Kobe 8 Protro sneakers, honoring the late Kobe Bryant and his impactful legacy. College basketball fans know that player editions (PEs) of popular sneaker models are highly sought-after, symbolizing the collaboration between sports programs and renowned sportswear brands, while paying homage to basketball legends like Kobe. This trend has been seen with other “Mamba Schools” like Duke and UCONN, who have also showcased their own Kobe 8 Protro PEs.

USC’s offering includes three unique colorways, each representing the Trojans’ bold team colors. The first pair boasts a striking combination of rich burgundy and gold, reflecting the school’s traditional palette. The second pair features a clean blend of white and burgundy, offering a modern yet timeless appeal. Lastly, the third pair stands out with its daring black and gold design. All three iterations feature an engineered mesh upper, ensuring breathability and comfort, a distinctive characteristic of the Kobe 8 design.

To add a personalized touch, USC’s logo is prominently displayed on one tongue of each shoe, while Kobe’s iconic logo is on the other tongue, representing the fusion of school spirit with the Black Mamba’s legacy. Furthermore, the tonal midsole and outsole perfectly complement each shoe’s overall color scheme, enhancing its visual appeal.

Unfortunately, the Nike Kobe 8 Protro USC PEs will not be available to the general public, as they are exclusively reserved for USC athletes. However, fans and sneaker enthusiasts can still appreciate these special edition sneakers as a true testament to Kobe Bryant’s enduring influence in both basketball and beyond. Stay updated on the latest sneaker releases, raffles, and news by downloading the Sole Retriever mobile app.

[Image via uschoops]

Ethan Holland
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